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Written by Fr. Vasil Manasiev / о. Васил Манасиев   
Monday, December 08 2014 00:00

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            Father Vasil Manasiev was born on 28 February, 1971, in the city of Gevgelija [Гевгелија], the Republic of Macedonia, into a clerical household, to parents steeped in the Eastern Orthodox faith – or, more specifically, to father, Ratko, [Ратко] archpriest in the Macedonian Orthodox Church, and mother, Biserka [Бисерка]. He completed his elementary education in Skopje [Скопје]. In 1985, he enrolled in the five-tiered Macedonian Orthodox Seminary St. Clement of Ohrid [Свети Климент Охридски], Drachevo [Драчево], Skopje, wherefrom he graduated with excellent standing in 1990. Following that, he went off to serve out his required army service. Upon his return, in August 1991, he promptly entered the Orthodox Seminary College, St. Clement of Ohrid, Skopje, as a full-time student beginning with the 1991/92 academic year. During his studies there, and in keeping with its declared vacancy, the College’s Curriculum and Instructional Council, in accordance with Resolution No. 26, issued on 19 April, 1994, hired him as Officer [Референт] concerning students affairs on 1 February, 1994. As such, Father Vasil was at once a student and an employee at the College.

          On 21 November, 1994, the day dedicated to the Archangel St. Michael, and in the church of the same name, in Skopje, Father Manasiev was ordained deacon by the then-presiding head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, his Beatitude, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, Mihail. Then, on 9 January, 1995, when the holy Orthodox Church celebrates simultaneously the Third day of the Nativity and the patron saint day of St. Stephen Archdeacon, in the church consecrated to the Great Martyr St. George, Chair [Чаир], Skopje, he is, again by Archbishop Mihail, ordained a priest.

          Besides his administrative duties at the Faculty, Father Vasil Manasiev was – based on resolution No. 63, issued on 15 March, 1995, by the then-diocesan prelate – appointed to hold holy liturgy in the monastery and church St. John the Baptist, Kapishtec [Капиштец], Skopje, which stands right next to the College. So, while fulfilling his administrative and pastoral responsibilities, Father Vasil completed his seminary studies, and on 23 June, 1998, graduated as a DEGREED THEOLOGIAN.

          Shortly thereafter, in accordance with the Macedonian Orthodox Church’s American-Canadian Diocese’s advertised need for more parish priests, father Vasil Manasiev, on the basis of Resolution No. 165, issued on 16 June, 1998, by His Beatitude, Archbishop Mihail, was on 1 July, 1998, ordained a parish priest at the St. Clement of Ohrid, Macedonian Orthodox Church, Avon, Ohio. Father Vasil arrived at his appointed parish on 25 August, 1998, and has been thus far for no less than ten years serving his missionary post there.

          At the 30th National Church Assembly [“Congress”] of the Macedonian Orthodox Church’s American-Canadian Diocese, held in Los Angeles, California, in 2004, during the very prelates’ Holy Liturgy at the Dormition of St. Mary, Macedonian Orthodox Church, on 5 September, Father Vasil Manasiev was promoted to the level and granted the title of VERY REVEREND by His Beatitude, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, and then-Administrator of the American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese, Mr. Mr. STEFAN.

          The Very Reverend Vasil Manasiev is honorably, with poise, self-composure, gentleness, righteousness, and patience discharging his pastoral mission at his parish. It is, moreover, with solicitous care that he transmits the spiritual wealth to those whom God has entrusted to him to be saved, as it is through them that he will be saved as well.

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